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Seita Ohama Reel 2021


About Me

Seita (Say-ta) Ohama.

My love for video and design started with machinimas, then eventually to live production. After working at an industry-leading 3D conversion and visual effects company with no formal training, I realized the career I wanted to have…I’ve dedicated the last few years of my life to production, interning, freelancing, graduating and eventually moving to Silicon Valley to join a industry-defining marketing art team for MachineZone ,then joined Nexon Mobile and built out its new internal video team. After its officed closed, I came back to MZ. In June of 2020, MZ was acquired by AppLovin, joining its internal marketing team of SparkLabs, paving the way for working with action and Core mobile games.  I pride myself on my ability to develop new skill sets quickly, creatively solve problems, adapt to different environments, and maintain a thirst for knowledge.




San Mateo, CA (Bay Area)



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